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Our knowledge and quality management systems allow our clients to have complete confidence in the service provided by Work Doctor Australia.
Our aim is to develop ongoing relationships with our medical staff where we present suitable options based on their preferences, skill sets and availability.

Benefits of Working in Australia

  • Career Development
  • Working Conditions
  • Work life balance
  • Safety and Health
  • Competitive Salaries
  • Flexibility
Providing personal and rewarding work for Doctors is our number one priority at Work Doctor Australia.
Understanding the needs of our Doctors means we can create the right balance for their lifestyle. At Work Doctor Australia we can offer the opportunity of working within placements across our extensive client network of public, private and corporate hospitals.
This allows our agency workers to gain extensive knowledge and experience working in varied placements. If you are looking for an ad-hoc shift or a temporary assignment we have a variety of placements to suit your recruitment needs.

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  • If you want to work within the healthcare sector, and are suitably qualified, then finding a job as a member of Work Doctor Australia could be the answer for you.

    Work Doctor Australia helps you to find the perfect job in your specialist area and chosen location, to suit your working needs.
    Our Recruitment Consultants are ready and waiting to provide you with a friendly and helpful service.

    You can trust us to always think of what is right for you and work in your interest, making every effort to help you find the ideal medical job.

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